Beyond Soul Food – Modern American Heritage Cuisine Cookbook



Modern American Heritage Cuisine Cookbook

The Beyond Soul Food – Modern American Heritage Cuisine cookbook is a tantalizing tribute to the growing popularity of healthy Southern cooking and flavors. Hot and healthy, this book is filled with sizzling, steamy and utterly irresistible cuisine.

Recipes that will fire up your enthusiasm for Southern cooking with a light new attitude!

Features the latest and hottest flavors in Southern foods with a conscious focus on keeping the recipes light and  healthy.

  • Lavishly illustrated with stunning full-color photos.
  • Author: Richard Petty

    Publisher: Richard Petty Publishing

    Distributed by Bookmasters, Inc.

    ISBN: 978-0-692-01719-7

    Number of Pages: 190

    Size: 8.5X8.5 quality paperback with perfect bond binding

    Bar Coded: Yes

    Price: $24.50 US eBook $8.99

    Spicy and innovative array of searing and satisfying recipes.

  • Full of radiant flavor and enticing taste.
  • Low sodium.

“…Chef Richard Petty’s ribs – pork and beef- are mouthwatering and soul-worthy.”

    -Culver City News,  Culver City, California

“….In one great collection Petty has added a modern flavor to a wide range of classic southern favorites…”

The US Review of Books….

BEYOND SOUL FOOD, Modern American Heritage Cuisine  Is Now Available at a Suggested Retail Price of $24.90 and

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